The New Way to Experience the World!

Who We ARe

ARnocular provides a platform to revolutionize how the user interacts with the surrounding world. By utilizing Augmented Reality Technology, we re-imagine digestion of information in the contexts of tourism and local use cases.


  • > Exclusive branding for the tour bus company creating competitive advantage
  • > Interactive 3D content embedded on the tour bus route
  • > Ability to purchase attraction and tour bus tickets within the application


  • > Increased Customer Engagement with new Infotainment offered by Parallel World
  • > Higher Customer Satisfaction leading to your Brand Loyalty
  • > Boosting your Company‚Äôs Reputation and Brand Image with higher customer satisfaction

How does it work?

ARnocular is instantly enabled to integrate visual layers of
information into the viewfinder of the device's smart camera.

Just install an application from the ARnocular platform and
you're ready to go.

There's more

ARnocular isn't an app, it's a full AR platform