• ARnocular

    the first city-scale augmented reality platform

ARnocular is proud to announce our partnership with Berlin City Tour (City Sightseeing)


AR solutions are us

Leveraging the potential of augmented reality (AR) technology, ARnocular superimposes immersive visual data into the user's line of sight.

How does it work?

ARnocular is instantly enabled to integrate visual layers of information into the viewfinder of the device's smart camera. Just install an application from the ARnocular platform and you're ready to go.



We boast a patent-pending technology that can seamlessly maintain and display AR with industry best stability and accuracy



Enhanced simplicity compared to conventional AR applications - no image markers needed


Rich Content

Users are invited to relive the past and know about the now from high-quality 3D objects, pictures and text overlays

There's more

ARnocular isn't an app, it's a full AR platform


Easy Setup

Just install the application and you're ready to go - no additional hardware needed


Full City Scale

We've created Toronto’s first AR application supporting full city-scale content - content for other major cities coming in the near future


Multi Platform

Arnocular's applications work seamlessly on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, as well as AR-enabled glasses


Open Source Platform

Our platform will be open to third-party developers and businesses to create and deploy their own AR content

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