Information We Collect

At ARnocular, we are committed to providing a fun AR experience of unmatched quality to our users.
In order to provide the experience, we need to access and collect some information from our users.

In particular, with your permission, we access two types of information:

  • USE OF CAMERA: Our app operates using your device‚Äôs camera. However, we do not collect any information (images, videos and etc.) from your device. Your camera only provides the platform for superimposition of virtual data onto your surroundings in real-time.

  • YOUR SPECIFIC LOCATION: ARnocular is a location-based AR platform. When using the app, we collect your location information. Your smart device will transmit your location information to us. In addition to facilitating the apps core functionality, we may use your location data to personalize and improve our AR experience.
  • Share of Your Information

    We do not share your information with any third party including our business partners, affiliates and the general public.